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    The AVB protocol recently got an “upgrade” called MILAN where a lot of pro AV manufacturers (for example l.acoustics, meyersound and others) have gathered to and are working hand in hand to make it as flawless and up to date as possible.

    it seems to be the emerging protocol to look out for.

    It would be really nice from A&H to offer addon cards like the Dante card for SQ but with the MILAN protocol. (Which btw also support pri and sec networks.).

    Here’s a link to an article about this protocol:

    And here is if you want to know more about it in general:


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    I agree that an AVB option card would be a valuable asset for the SQ series.

    AVB seems to be progressing as an industry standard and finding wider adoption in the pro audio realm. The new Milan protocol may accelerate that progress. If an affordable option card for the SQ could be produced, I would certainly be very interested.

    Using my SQ-6 (v1.2.2), I have completed several multitrack (24+ channels) remote recording sessions using the USB-B streaming option to Pro Tools, and fortunately have an older MacBook Pro with USB 2.0 ports that generally work well. The USB cable connection seems to be critical, and I have had several brief but nervous moments when the clocking from the SQ was lost or intermittent, but those problems were resolved by reseating the USB plug in my computer.

    That being said, the advantages of AVB, particularly for the current versions of Pro Tools running on current computers and operating systems, might be a more robust and forward compatible solution for multitrack recording, and would avoid some of the USB issues that have been reported.

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    I would even add the great advantage of video sync to your post! As everything on an AVB network is synced, no need for external time code to sync it all up which is a tremendous gain in set up/post time.

    I definitely agree with all you said.

    I would instantly buy that card if available!

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    I’m just gonna agree here with all above, and hope this little bump will make it to the production 😉

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