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    Hey everyone,

    I just ordered an Avantis and two AR2412.
    Could someone tell me if this setup works? I want to have 48 inputs and 24 outputs.
    I know that the AR2412 can be connected to the Avantis in general.
    Do I need an expansion card or can I just connect both linked stageboxes to the console?

    Thanks for your help

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    Sorry to tell you that because you have already ordered your setup but Avantis only have 1 integred SLink port (multiple A&H protocols compatible).
    AR2412 will work on SLink port but :
    – 2 AR2412 with Avantis shouldn’t work beacause AR2412 works with dSnake protocol which is 40 IN / 20 OUT max. (you can plug AR2412 + AB168 or AR84 on same line and you can’t cross AR/AB stagebox with other DX or GX due to the sampling frequency difference 48 vs 96 KHz).
    – You need a second SLink port but unfortunaly there is not SLink extension card for Avantis now. Only DX card or Dx hub who don’t support dSnake protocol.

    With your ordered setup if 40 In / 20 out is acceptable on stagebox and eventually completed with locals in/out: keep one AR2412 and replace the other by one AB168.
    If you want absolutly 48/24 on stagebox you need to consider other options and you need to check I/O possibilities on A&H website (ie GX4816 + DX012 give you 48 In + 28 Out or 3x DX168 + DX card or DX hub for 48/24 like you want).


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    AR24 cannot be connected to another AR24. So you need SLink expansion!

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    OK, thanks for your detailed response.
    I think I will return the AR-boxes and get a GX4816 instead.

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