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    Our church is looking into purchasing an Avantis to replace our GLD-80. Currently we are using an AR2412 and two AR84’s (one plugged into the expander port on the AR2412, one plugged into the expander port on the back of the GLD). We are also using ME1’s connected to the monitor port on the AR2412. Would we be able to “drop in” replace the GLD with an Avantis without purchasing any additional gear or add on cards?

    Also, since our I/O is 48kHz, and the Avantis is 96kHz, is the Avantis converting everything to 96kHz or is everything throttling down to 48kHz?


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    Idk about the stage boxes but with the 48khz 96khz. U cant really upscale 48khz, I think the mixer will run its internals at 96khz and downscale it to 48khz. Btw the 48khz doesnt sound any less quality. The only thing 48 96 Khz matters for is mixing, gain, effects, and volume and I think the internals still run at 96khz not losing the headroom important for mixing. I run 48khz to my DAW but the mixer still runs at 96khz. You may or may not have to buy a card. Do those stage boxes support slink?

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    You can only connect one ar2412 and 1 ar84 to the avantis.

    If you need 40 channels on stage you have to replace the 2 ar84 for 1 ab168.

    THe console runs native 96khz, the slink port has a sample rate conversion for the 48khz boxes.

    If the second ar84 is near the desk for wireless, the avantis has 12 local in and 12 local out, so you don’t need them anymore.


    In this document is writen al the possible s-link connections, keep in mind that the avantis only has 1 slink port, there in no option card for a second slink, only for 96khz io boxes.

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    Do the slink boxes support dante?

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    no, there have to be DANTE boxes to do that…

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