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    Hello. I have Waves Performer on one Windows PC and Ableton Live on another Windows PC. I have an Avantis mixer with the Waves card.

    My goal is to simultaneously send audio to SuperRack Performer for live effects and Ableton for multitrack recording of each channel for Virtual Soundcheck.

    So, I was thinking that I can connect the PC running Waves Performer into the first Ethernet port of the Waves card and the PC running Ableton Live into the second Ethernet port of the Waves card.

    I have Qrec running on both PCs. However, I can only get one PC to use the inputs at a time. They work as long as only one is being used. Is there a way to achieve my goal with my current setup?

    Any help or insight is much appreciated. So, thanks in advance.

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    You can configure patching from your Waves card to multiple other devices using SuperRack SoundGrid (which costs more $$$ of course). I’m pretty confident there’s not a way to do it with QRec.

    That said, I’m still pretty new to Waves, and I find their product offerings to be confusingly named, and if there’s a comparison matrix that exists to help us understand the capabilities of their different products, I haven’t found it yet! Maybe someone more familiar with Waves’ offerings will chime in about whether there’s another way.

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    I got this working by contacting Waves support. Here is what they sent me:

    Thank you for contacting Waves Tech Support,

    In that case, you will need to use SoundGrid Studio in order to assign the M-Waves card and both computer’s SoundGrid Driver.

    First, register a license for SoundGrid Studio, then install and activate it via Waves Central on the SuperRack Performer computer.

    Once done, install the V14 SoundGrid Driver on the Ableton computer via Waves Centra > Install Products > All Products tab.

    Then, follow these steps:
    Launch the SoundGrid Driver Control Panel on the Ableton Live computer.
    Launch SoundGrid Studio on the SuperRack Performer computer.
    Connect both computers to the same SoundGrid switch, choose the SoundGrid NIC in SoundGrid Studio, and assign the computers and the M-Waves card in SoundGrid Studio’s Setup page.
    Perform a Device-to-Device patching in SoundGrid Studio between the two computers and the M-Waves card.
    Use the A & B inputs in SuperRack Performer to set the different inputs to the racks. For example:
    Set input A to receive the actual inputs from the console.
    Set input B to receive audio from the Ableton computer.

    Please note, that the way I set mine up, I only use Input A. I use Virtual Soundcheck feature on the Avantis board to get playback from the Ableton computer.

    Hope this helps.

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