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    I’m wondering what options are available for Talkback to an ME-1 (or ME-500) from an Avantis. Ideally, I’m looking for something that satisfies these two criteria:

    1. Allows use of a Talkback soft key so the Talkback mic only turns on while the soft key is pressed (momentary, not latched).
    2. Does not require sacrificing a mix bus for talkback.

    Here are two options I know are possible:

    a) Create a dedicated group, aux, or matrix just for talkback to ME-1s. For example, an aux named “Talkback” with nothing else mixed into it. Then assign Talkback to that aux (either with a soft key or from Setup > Talkback > Assign). Then patch that “Talkback” aux into one of the ME-1 channels from I/O > Outputs > Mix Out to ME. This satisfies criteria #1 above, but not #2.

    b) Patch the Talkback mic directly to the ME-1 from I/O > Outputs > Ip Direct Out to ME. This satisfies criteria #2 above, but it doesn’t meet #1 above since the Talkback button does not affect whether the Talkback is heard by the ME-1s. I know I can create a Mute soft key for the Talkback mic, but there’s no option that I know of for making the Mute soft key momentary so that it automatically mutes again when the soft key is no longer pressed.

    Is there some other better option? I see this thread where Keith says this can be done on an SQ, but I can’t figure out how to do it on an Avantis.

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    I usually add it to a group that is already being sent specifically to the MEs (eg. drums, click) and not to the FOH mix.

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