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    Our Avantis touchscreen froze during an event with audio and tie lines still passing through, but then lost control of faders, layer flipping, and IP Remote Control. We had to restart the console during the event which is a big issue for obvious reasons.

    There’s nothing in the logs about anything other than what’s expected from an improper shutdown.

    The firmware was currently on V1.03, but that shouldn’t matter.

    Anybody else experienced this?

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    Florian Steppke

    Hi. Of course does the firmware matter. The actual firmware at the moment is 1.13
    Anyway, 1.13 does not solve the freeze-problem. I had the same experience, for 4 times. As long as there is no fix for it i try to work most of the time with an ipad and the director online software. As long as you dont touch the screen the avantis will not freeze. I sent my log to the seller. But A&H did not come up with a solution.
    Please write more about your setup so maybe we can find some similarities between our setups. There are more users with this issue.
    I also have an issue where i touch bot screens at the same time and After that i cant use the peq onscreen anymore.

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    seems like important stuff here. Keep this thread active!

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    I just found out via Facebook that there is a “known issue” with the Space Echo causes freezes..
    Why do I have to go to Facebook to find stuff like this?

    A&H come-on, if your support knows about known issues the least you could do is openly communicate them so I don’t have to find them on my own during a show!
    It’s also really shocking to me how silent this forum post is, I would have expected much more involvement from A&H since this is a showstopper!

    You can hate behringer as much as you want but if they know about a crash in their mixer firmware they either openly communicate it or deliver a hotfix within 1-2 days.. just saying I’m a bit disappointed to A&H at this point.

    So A&H can you please(!) provide a list of your known issues? Got a couple of bigger shows and I would really like to use the Avantis (and be confident it doesn’t crash on me). If I know all the issues I can work around them, no problem.

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    I will say that although this is the “official” Allen and Heath forum, A&H does not actually use this forum as their official announcement method. If fact, you can usually find A&H announcements about seminars and other official announcements on Facebook and they many or may not (usually not) announce it here.

    So I would not consider this forum the best method to interact with the A&H team. Any support types questions or requests should be communicated directly with A&H support using the contact information on the main A&H website.

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    Florian Steppke

    Best way to contact a&h is via opening a support ticket. I would say lets create that list on our own if the bugs are not officially anounced. Fingers crossed that some of these things are solved with the next firmware.

    1. Space Echo can causes freezes

    2. Touching both screens at the same time while working in peq will cause the peq to stop working correct. (Confirmed by a&h)

    3. Working very fast with the console can cause laggy screens and in worst cases it causes freezing screens. Audio is not affected. (I try to recreate that but the complete freeze is very rare so it is difficult to find the exact reason)

    4. Metering in fx return peq freezes

    5. Working in locations without propper grounding will cause the fader touch marker slowly changing the channel.

    6. Using the help text bubbles in amm causes the help function to always show the amm help files. (Confirmed by a&h)

    7. The known issues mentioned in the release notes.

    Please complete the list.

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    Florian Steppke

    8. There are some cases where user reported something like a “hanging fader”. When switching between layers a fader does not return to its former value.

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    Our Avantis froze today during service. Everything stopped responding and both screens were just showing “&” sign logo. Then screens went completely black. Sound was still passing, but nothing could be adjusted. Had to reboot the console during service. Avantis Mixpad on iPad stopped seeing the console until reboot. Pics attached. Firmware V1.22.

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    After reboot (switched off and then on) Console didn’t boot up. Both screens black. Unplugged all inputs and outputs and took Dante and the DX link cards out. Still black screens and console won’t boot. Ideas?

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