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    Hi All, was reading about the FibrAce cards for Dlive S class and I have an understanding on how they connect and work with Dlive console.
    On Avantis does it work by connecting the slink avantis port to the FibreAce cat-5 port then go out with the fibre port?
    How would it work on the GX4816 which has no I/O ports? Would I require a third party converter like the ones mentioned in other posts ? Thanks

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    I think all you would need is a Cat5/6 to fibre media converter for connecting to the GX4816.

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    I too was just reading about the FiberAce cards for an Avantis. I work at an outdoor venue where we use SQ consoles for FOH and monitors. We have Multimode fiber infrastructure that is used to connect the consoles together via the SLink ports (using fiber to Cat converters). If an Avantis were to be used at FOH in this situation and had a FiberAce card, does it have to be in Convert mode or can it be used as a direct fiber output to connect to the SQ (using the previously mentioned fiber to Cat converter)? Or would I have to go out of the Slink port into the FiberAce card, in Convert mode, in order for the SLink protocol to work over the fiber?

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    Nicola A&H

    Convert mode on the fibreACE card was designed for use between a dLive MixRack and Surface, with both ends equipped with fibreACE. Theoretically, you can have a fibreACE card on one side only, and a third party converter on the other (for example for connecting to a GX4816 or an SLink port), like suggested above, but you would need to match the transfer rate and fibre mode of the fibreACE card as not all converters and SFP modules work the same way.
    Typically for these applications, converters are always bought in pairs, with the same specs and performance on both sides of the fibre. So I would say that a pair of third party CAT-fibre converters is the way to go for the scenarios described above.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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