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    I would like to suggest that the name of the expansion boards appear in all the options, for example:, when you use the i/o patch DANTE or WAVES appears this way we would know which card we are working with, today only I/O port 1 and I/O port 2 some times have to go behind the mixer and see what exp card I’m working on.

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    I would like to know if I would see the inserted cards in the Utility -> Status – Screen (as I unfortunately do not see the connected stageboxes)

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    Tatsuya Nakamura


    In particular, I would like to see the DT168 and DT22 shown for input purposes at the Dante card connection point.

    Also, when selecting input channels for Avantis, the notation of I/O Port 1 and 2 requires a moment of thought.

    When the card is recognized, it would be nice if the card name is displayed after the I/O Port1 and 2 numbers, even if it is abbreviated.

    For example: MADI, DT128, DT64, WSG, etc.

    Or we have to follow the deep menu to see where the desired card is plugged in, and it may be faster to visually see the ports on the back side when we touch it at the venue for the first time.

    It would be great if you could address this in the next update.


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    In addition to this, it would be super useful if there was a way to name Dante stage boxes and see which physical socket of the stage box we’re using, similar to the way that ULXD and Axient mics will show the name of the channel on the preamp section of the Avantis.

    This would make it useful when using the dt168 and making patch changes, as currently you’ll need to go into Dante Controller to remember which channels are routed where. If I was able to see “I/O Port 1 – 68 DT168/2” to denote that it is I/O port 1, Dante socket 68, stage box dt168 physical socket 2, that would be amazing

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    All these are great ideas. Please add them to the feature suggestion forum.

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