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    We are using Avantis for FOH and a Mac (Logic Pro) for streaming audio connected through Dante. The Mac is receiving the audio signal from Avantis post fader. That means every change on the Avantis affects the streaming mix.

    I need the Mac to receive the signal pre fader.

    Can someone point me to change this? BTW, this Avantis / Logic Pro combo is working rock solid.

    Thanks for your help.


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    There are several possible ways to achieve it.

    You can use tie lines, these contain only the preamp signal with no further changes.

    Or you can set the global direct out send point to pre fader. Should be in the routing screen.

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    Thank you very much for pointing the way.

    I was able to use the tie lines with success but I have some limitations with the patching.

    Our configuration is the Avantis with a GX4816 on stage. I have 12 Shure wireless mics connected locally on the Avantis using inputs 1 thru 12 corresponding to the same faders on the console.
    All instruments are connected to the GX4816. The Keyboard is the first instrument connected in stereo mode to the GX4816 in inputs 1 & 2 but on the console they are faders 13/14. This sequence continues for the rest of the instruments.

    When I go to the tie lines I patch the local mics (inputs 1 thru 12) to the I/O card #1 (Dante 64×64). Then I select Slink and patch inputs 1 thru 40 to the I/O card #1. Once I do that, the local inputs are unselected / un-patched. If I re-patch the local inputs 1 thru 12 the Slinks inputs 1 thru 12 are unselected / un-patched.

    I tried this process several times and even restarted the console a couple of time but no success.

    Does anyone what is going on??

    Thanks again,


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    If I understand correctly, you said you are patching local 1 – 12 to the I/O card and then you said you are patching 1 – 40 on the I/O card. If you want Local 1 – 12 to be 1 – 12 on the I/O card, then you need to start your patching of the Slink ports to start at 13 on the I/O card.

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    Nicola A&H


    You said in the OP that you want the Mac to receive the signal pre fader, but you didn’t specify whether you want it pre or post Avantis processing?

    If you want the signal straight off the preamps with no processing (essentially an input split, for processing in the Mac) then yes, tielines is a good suggestion but you could also look at the Record Send function in Virtual Soundcheck. This sends audio to the I/O Port pre-processing and pre-fader, but follows the order of the input channels and thus you don’t need to worry about the patch – whatever is patched to your channels will also be sent to the Mac.

    If you want the signal to be post Trim, HPF, Gate etc. then I would use Direct Outs instead. Just make sure you disable the ‘Follow Fader’ option in the Routing screen.

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    Thank you Chris and Nicola!!! Your input gave me greater understanding of the signal flow. I was able to now patch correctly using Tie Lines.
    Chris was right, I was starting the patching on the Slink at 1 instead of 13.

    Best regards,


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