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    Nathan Marschall
    6 Jan 2022, 17:29 GMT

    Hi friends

    We have an Avantis with a GX4816 stage rack. The console and the stage rack occasionally stop talking to each other. Nothing is unplugged, nothing was bumped, or any other physical touch at all. The console doesn’t even show the red triangle when it loses communication. The solution seems to simply be to unplug and reconnect the cable, from either end. Only then does the red triangle warning come up and show a loss of communication.
    This cable connected another console to its stage rack for 12 years without one single issue. And the Avantis and GX were connected by it for a year before the first disconnect issue.

    There is an unshielded Cat5e cable running to and fro… We will be replacing it with shielded Cat6A, but pulling new cable is a nightmare. I am also running about 350 feet, so just a little over the 100m maximum. And so I need to put a network switch in between to extend the cable signal. CAN ANYONE RECOMMEND A SWITCH PLEASE???? (Unmanaged, Gigabit, Layer2, NO QOS, NO Energy efficient nonsense, and active nodes). Everything I look at contradicts itself and I HAVE to get this fixed ASAP!

    Any thoughts on this? Any other users/customers report anything like this with their systems?
    Thank you!

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    I have the same setup, and seen this a few times. Changed all the cables, and the problem disappeared for some time. Suddenly back again, after a night with no use. The next day there was no connection. Restart fixed it, and no disconnect through the next day, with use of the system the whole day through

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    Must admit I wouldn’t trust any CAT5e or better at more than 85-90 metres, my suggestion would be to go fibre optic for the connection. A couple of decent media cnverters and some fibre cable should sort out any distance issues. I believe there is a guidence sheet or video on the A&H website that shows howto achieve this.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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