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    Hey Everyone,

    The Mix Select buttons are non-responsive. In other words, I can select the LR, or Groups 9-12. But Mix Select buttons 1-8 are non responsive. I also cannot select the mix1-8 on the touch screen of the mixer either. The only workaround short of power cycling the whole mixer (not an option during a live show) was to save the show/scene, then recall a different show/scene, select the mix I wanted to use, (mix1 for example), then go back and recall the actual show/scene I was working on. It would allow me to mix within that selected mix as long as I wanted. But I selected a Group 9-12 or LR, then I would have to start all over and go through the workaround again. The Mix1-8 were not working.

    Does that make sense? Kind of strange right?

    Firmware 1.2
    AB168 Connected.
    Wifi Router and iPad connected.

    I feel like this is repeatable as it has happened more than once. Maybe I can take a video and show you what’s going on.

    Any advice or Tips?
    Has this happened with anyone else?

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    Alex A&H

    Hi DJ Swell,

    Could you start a ticket at and we will look into this for you.



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    Is there an update on this? I had the same problem today.

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    After some troubleshooting: the probleem seems to occur when you have the GEQ open on the flipped faders on the L&R and then press one of the mix knobs OR when you do a reset of the GEQ (either a mix or the L&R). Loading the same scene or rebooting, solves the problem.

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    Apparently they managed to deploy a fix with Firmware 1.2.1, at least that’s what the release notes suggest.

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