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    We’re planning to add a sub to the FOH Avantis at our church. I’ve done aux-fed subs in the past, and the setup on the Avantis should be trivial, but I’m a bit surprised by one thing: I can’t seem to gang an aux output fader with the mains fader. The Avantis seems to allow only similar types of channels to be ganged (e.g., one aux with another).

    I can understand that different types of channels have different “gangable” attributes. However, I only need to gang the fader for this application, and I don’t see any reason why that couldn’t be done. If one wants to gang dissimilar channels, it seems like the GUI could grey out (or simply ignore) the attributes that are not common between the channels.

    I’ve had to deal with this limitation on other consoles in the past, and of course there are alternatives such as putting the faders side by side and moving them both manually when needed, or ditching the aux-fed idea and just using a matrix output (fed post-fader from the mains) with a low-pass filter. However, it seems surprising to me that I can’t gang an aux fader with the mains fader on an otherwise very flexible console.

    Before I submit a feature request, I thought I’d ask the group to see how other folks do this. I’m wondering if (1) it can be done and I’m just not seeing it, (2) there is some reason why it isn’t feasible, or (3) A&H just hasn’t seen sufficient reason or demand to implement it.

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    Florian Steppke

    Hi, is it possible to put the main and the sub-aux into 1 dca? You could control both feeds together. Another solution could be 2 matrices one gets signal from the Main bus and one gets signal from whatever you want to send to the subs. Then you can gang the matrices. I tend to not use the sub from aux thing because of the changing crossover point. When subs and mains are measured and delay and phase are correct i think the levels between these feeds should not change. For me the best sounding way to change the level of the subs is a lowshelf in the main bus. If compressing the mainbus i like to hear that in the complete system.

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    Yeah, it’s very annoying that they won’t allow you to gang different types of mixes together, especially since they don’t offer an option for LCR(+)S masters.
    I’ve got a matrix for each output after my masters. Typically L R C S.
    You can do it like that but it’ll cost you a bunch of extra ‘mixes’ that you might not have to spare.
    I use a DCA for those matrices for ‘master’ level adjustments. I gang them for different reasons.

    A&H seem open to the idea of allowing us to gang different types of mixes together in the future, but of course we live in the here and now and there are no promises for the future.

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    Ich denke mit der DCA Möglichkeit ist das doch gegeben. Der FOH wird bei mir komplett seit Jahren über eine digitale Frequensweiche verwaltet. Aus dem Pult kommt nur LR. Da habe ich noch einen FB Destroyer drin. Da ich an verschiedenen Orten bin, gibt es verschieden speicherbare Presets. PA ist bei mir als getrennte Unit.

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    Using a matrix is the way to go. It seems redundant but that is what a matrix is for. I don’t normally operate this way as I have a nominal level for my SUB Aux and I post fade my Aux members. It allows for a bit finer control which I prefer. I don’t always want to turn everything up at the same time on my SUB mix.

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