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    The Dugan has 3 separate channels of automix. This works very well in Yamaha mixers.
    I use an LS9 with this and it is brilliant for panel interview, conference board rooms, and broadcast and webcasts.
    Ironically Yamaha did not include an automixer in their new TF series console as they have in their others.
    Granted the Dugan plugin module costs more than a Qu-16 but if AH is shrewd they will
    find a way to include an automixer of their own.

    Feedback Destroyers,
    This with the Automixer and various dynamic options will really make the purchase of this product line a no-brainer!
    Feedback killers would be available to EACH mix output independently.

    Currently I select LR mix to alt out, Calibrate with tone for unity, patch ALT out to ST-IN2. Adjust stereo faders in mixes 1 thru 8.
    Problem is that if someone raises the ST2 fader in the LR bus mix we have created an inadvertent loop! Found this yesterday.
    Call it a matrix or some way to patch directly from LR to other mixes (1 thru 8)

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    Disable the St feed from the main, then it doesn’t matter if the fader is nudged.

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    Thanks Bob
    I’ll do that 🙂

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    Feedback destroyer would be great to have. Occasionally, being able to flip the phase on the Mix outputs can also help combat feedback, but Qu doesn’t seem to currently offer that. I’m using phase-flip adapters instead.

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    polarity flip on mixes would be great!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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