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    Hi…yesterday i tried to mix a show in a crowdy surrounding with a lot of applause.This was very difficult because, i think the AMM ist always pre fader..!?..Is there a possibility to set it post?..I have to excuse my poor English….hope you understand my Problem..Thx…Peter

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    KeithJ A&H

    Hi Peter,

    You can see where the AMM gain stage is in the signal path by looking at the block diagrams towards the end of the reference guide.
    Whilst you cannot set the position of this gain stage to be post fader (the AMM is directly embedded in the channel so there is no latency or phase issues when switching in or out), the contribution to the algorithm can be switched to follow fader in the ‘Utility > Auto Mic Mixer > Setup’ screen.

    Hope this helps!

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    Yes and no…that means,that the follow fader doesnt simulate an ..after fader process…?..this would be very sad…because no broadcast enegeneer would use this feature pre fader…i.e…2 of these is spending applause..the other talks in normal speech…and will be ducked by clapping hands ,because the engeneer cannot help the AMM….exept reducing the gain…!?

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    Mike C

    When an AMM channel is in “follow fader” mode and you turn down that channel it also
    reduces the AMM detection for that channel.
    So your case if you turn down the channel that the person is clapping/applause loudly at the mic it will not only turn down that loud applause in the mix it will take it out of
    the auto mix detection so it is not falsely changing the auto mix balance.

    If the AMM channel is not selected to follow the fader then even with the channel fader
    all the way down that channel is in the auto mix detection circuit.

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    Thanks Mike for your Post.Although I understand now the operation better,in my opinion there is no reason to set a automix funktion pre fader…my opinion only..but thanx for your explanations.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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