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    We hosted a band today who had their own engineer, and he wanted to run some waves stuff on a laptop via Dante Virtual Sound Card. I patched his rig to the relevant channels using Ins A, setting the sends and returns to whatever sockets on our Dante card, and everything worked great. Until the laptop glitched, dropped off of Dante, and the vocals lost all their signal since there wasn’t anything coming back on the insert return anymore. I bypassed the inserts while he fiddled with the laptop so we could keep rehearsal going. While he was doing that I was thinking about the situation, and it seems that it’d be nice to have an option to automatically bypass an insert when the insert return is an external socket and its level is some settable amount lower (or higher, I suppose) than the send level for some settable amount of time. Or maybe if the send level is above some threshold and the return level is below some threshold. To be clear, I’m suggesting this as an option… I don’t think it’d always be appropriate (like, you’d have to be super careful if there’s a lot of compression happening).

    (Incidentally, I don’t know what caused the problem but he was able to fix it and everything ran fine for the show.)

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    A feature like that is more likely to cause issues than the insert itself. Instead, simply create a scene that switches off the relevant inserts and assign it to a softkey.

    If you want to go ‘crazy’ you can split the relevant channels, have the split channels ganged for some functions like EQ, and create a ducking setup that essentially does this. Maybe even using a pilot tone that is looped through DVS/Soundgrid for the ducking. Its pretty silly though. A button is better.

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    Why not use a scene for switching on and off the insert? Put that on a softkey and you are ready to go.
    A automated process is something I myself would avoid at any cost….

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