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    Hervé Déjardin

    I am working on a project in object oriented audio. I would like to use the SQ5 for this project.
    I need to get the track selection data to drive an external software.
    To reduce the actions during the concerts. I would like to be able to select objects in a spatialization software from the audio track selection in the SQ5.
    I don’t see any midi data coming out when I select audio tracks.
    Is this selection data available? Thanking you

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    No, SQ series doesn’t sends MIDI message when you press select button.
    Only way to get this message is use direct TCP/IP connection (like doing MixPad software), but there aren’t any documentation how to perform that.
    I think you have to sniffing messages over tcp to knowing how this connection works and what commands pass by.

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    Maybe A&H is willing to make this communication puplic?

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    Hervé Déjardin

    Thank you Max.

    Yes IoTon, it would be great.

    Do you have good A&H contact to ask ?

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    KeithJ A&H

    Hi all,

    The messaging protocol used by the console and apps is classed as an IP asset and for that reason, not public.
    It also changes, which is one of the reasons you must always use matching major revision versions of firmware and app, so you might end up re-programming for every release…

    The public remote control protocol is MIDI, but as Max has pointed out, does not include channel selection data.
    This is because MIDI control of the console is to and from the core (rather than to/from the surface or any app) and different channels can be selected on the console and any connected instances of MixPad.
    i.e. the actual mixer is not what you see, it’s the XCVI core and the control surface, apps and MIDI are all just different ways of talking to it.

    Not to say this would be impossible though and there is already a feature suggestion thread for it here – – so do comment there if it’s something you need (along with a brief description of the use case please!).


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    Hervé Déjardin

    Hi Keith,

    Thanks for the information.
    As I explained earlier I am working on concert 360° projects in object based-audio and for these purposes I need to drive different tools.
    For live projects, I try to reduce the number of actions to the minimum in order to be as reactive as possible 😉
    So I will as you advise me make a suggestion on the forum.
    Thanking you for your help



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