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    Jason DeChristopher

    I would love to elimante all the analog cables going across my stage from each ME1 stereo output. One Cat5 to each ME1 that would carry 40 channels to each mixer and a 2 channel stereo return of the mix back to our in ear rack.
    I know LiveMix integrated this into their mixers. Does Allen and Heath think this would not be a good feature?

    If anything making this available for Dante would be a win in my book. Less cables less mess.

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    Yes please. This. 🙂
    Part of what has put me off getting me-1s for more of my tours is the messy minijack via pc di box to xlr and loom back to the iem rack! Especially when it is already so neat with me-u running p.o.e.
    Would gladly use my dm64 xlr outs to drive the iems if there was a digital loopback available.

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    Yes, this please!
    Am currently an Qu-Series user, but seriously considering the new SQ range.

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    very good wish!

    that’s exactly the problem I already had. if you could solve it, ME1 would be more interesting for mobile musicians with wireless InEar.
    you could simply install the ME1 anywhere on stage and supply it with only one cable.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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