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    Here’s my setup:

    – Dell Precision 3550, win 10
    – Cubase 11

    When recording multitracks via USB from Qu16 (and also from X32) to laptop into Cubase 11, often there are Audio drops occuring, which stop recording. Qu16’s software is up to the latest date. I know problem is probably with my laptop, not QU-16, but is there any help here for me? I would be really thankful.


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    You can check your buffer size and so on… all the stuff we regularly suggest,
    but I’m sure you did all the possible tweaking already…

    Did you tried all your USB sockets? They differ slightly…

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    I would posit that the probability is like 99.99999% the fault of win10

    my first suggestion would be to replace win10 with something better.
    second you could try to find a pc seller (they used to be out there specializing in this) to sell you an audio tuned pc
    third you could try tweaking win10

    have you deleted all the crapware that phones home?
    have you turned off all the power saving options.
    did you stop your antivirus software when using the pc for audio

    win10 has led to people creating documents with several pages of things to fix if you want reliable audio.
    search for them and apply ALL the fixes if you want to be sure it will work right for audio

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    I am using similar systems to record live events for several years now. I am using different kind of mixing consoles, the X32; M32 and also my SQ6, via USB and Dante, and a dLive, also via Dante. The maximum recording channels is round about 50 mono signals. For live recordings I am using higher buffer settings because latency is not relevant for that type of recordings. And I am using Reaper as DAW because the footprint regarding system resources and also the minimum system requirements is very low. I do not know Cubase in detail. I stopped using it with Version 6 because it was, back in those days, too much overloaded for my kind of DAW usage. I did a lot of such recordings in the last years and never had some issue, not with Windows 7 nor with Windows 10. I used laptops from Dell, Samsung or Lenovo. Sometimes Ialso used my Mac book pro, but with the newer requiremenrs I had not the same success as with my windows laptops to the MBP is now retired.
    So, don‘t let you be confused by some unqualified comments. Use higher buffer sizes, aldo follow the other suggestion of Steffen, use a different USB cable, and give Reaper a try, it allows you to evaluate it without any limitation for 60 days.

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    And when that fails will you still call all those people who have shown what you need to do to get win10 working are unqualified?

    More buffers are nice. USB cable, possibly but not likely the issue.
    Different DAW always a possible solution, but still win10 is the place you should look at first.

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    Please Mr Adams
    I will ask you again, can you stop this please?

    I know hundreds of people working successful with Windows 10 and Audio including me and Mfk0815.
    Again and again this is not helpful. Please stop your bashing against Windows 10.
    You can’t change the world regarding Windows.
    This is Microsoft’s decision.

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    you can try to cancel the truth but you will not stop me from saying it.

    Sorry, but I know what I see and what I experience and will say it even if you disagree.

    There ARE a number of papers by true experts who have described what needs to be done with various versions of windioze.
    You should ask them to stop putting out the truth if you don’t want the whole internet to be able to read it.

    Just because some people are using windoze does not mean that it will work for everyone.
    I use it on winxp just fine. It took a few tweaks but they were far less than win10 needs.

    @knga is just one example of people getting bad results with win10, even if you are not.

    All the true experts’ documents noting what needs to be fixed scream that there are many others with problems.

    I am not trying to change windoze or microsoft, although they do need it.
    I merely point out that microsofts’ decisions are bad and you do not have to use windoze.

    But if you insist on using windoze, and simple things like buffers does not fix it, then there are many other things that true experts have noted you should change, so go read the documents they posted and adjust windoze to give you a chance.

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