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    I have an AR2412 connected to a QU-PAC. I can assign the inputs on the AR2412 to any channel on the QU-PAC. What I’d like to do is assign inputs 1-24 on AR2412 to channels 1-24 on QU-PAC and then inputs 1-8 on QU-PAC to channels 25-32 on QU-PAC. Is this possible? If so, I can’t seem to figure out how to assign an input on the QU-PAC to a different channel.

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    Without having one in front of me initially don’t think that’s possible. You would need at least a 084 connected to the expander port on the 2412 si the console seed the extra inputs.

    Someone correct me if I am wrong.

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    Local inputs on any Qu are locked to their respective channels (possibly a hardware restriction, don’t know). Only remote inputs (coming from a dSnake-box) can be assigned at will.
    Just keep channels 1-8 local and assign your AR2412 to channels 9..32. Not sure if there’s a user layer on the QuPac where you could swap channels as preferred.

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