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    Anyone seeing this other then me?
    Packing mine up for an RMA currenty with this issue:

    Touch and turn knob does not function smoothly unless turned very slowly & consistently. Any quick or sudden motion the knob either stops functioning or values being controlled are changed at random.

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    I have the same issue as of a couple of months now. Applying pressure in one direction (toward me when turning left, and away from me when turning right) will help it stay on track but this is obv not good practice. Would like to hear if anyone else has this issue or knows if it’s fixable. I use an SQ6.

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    It is a hardware issue. You have to send your desk back in for repair. I have the same issue with 2 encoders

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    Encoder Problem also on my desk at the EQ Gain Control.
    CW (boost) no Problem, but CCW is anoying…

    is there a way to get the right encoder as spare parts?
    Is there anyone out there with an Service Manual?

    How expensive was your repair Tonmeister Daniel?

    Thanks for the Help!!!

    LG johannes

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    Had the same issue half a year back. It took a few weeks for the spare parts to arrive at my dealer, but when they arrived I had my console back in a day or two. Luckily it was still under warranty, but since it apparently is a known hardware issue, I wonder what it’ll cost to hve it repaired as well.

    Haven’t had any problems since it was fixed!

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    Mid-2018 SQ here.

    Applied some DeoxIT Gold or something down the knob shaft, applied pressure and turned until kingdom come.
    Eventually the knob responds as per normal, though I do note that it gets much less resistance to turn than others I don’t apply it to.

    Maybe some sort of knob grease that catches too much carbon?

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