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    Setup, GLD112, AR2412 2* AR84. About 2 weeks ago our wireless systems started to have intermittent signal dropouts (at least 4 of 8). They work during sound check, but then start failing during the service. I need to double check, but all the wireless systems are on a single AR84 unit (the one connected to the AR2412). We have had no problems with channels from the AR2412. So here’s what I think could be happening:

    So following signal path it could be one of the following:
    1) The connections between the wireless receivers and the AR units are questionable. I won’t rule that out, but since we are seeing problems with multiple mics, it’s probably not the case.
    2) AR2412 has gone bad. If the AR2412 was having problems, I think we’d see other problems.
    3) AR84 connecting directly to the AR2412 is getting flakey. This is a possibility as I believe all the wireless units are running on a single AR84 unit.
    4) The ethernet cable between the AR84 and AR2412 is having problems.
    5) The ethernet connector of either the AR84 or AR2412 has gone bad.

    Does anyone have which above would be the likely culprit?
    Swap out the ethernet cord between the AR84 and AR2412.
    Swap out the ethernet cord between the AR2412 and the board.
    Swap the 2 AR84’s


    Swap the 2 AR84 units. The vocal mics are on the other AR84, if the vocal mics start getting flakey I think that that would really point to the problem.

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    It is massively more likely that it’s an RF issue, especially given that you don’t have any issues until the room fills up with people.

    What sort of wireless are you using and how is it set up?


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    Yes… Questions?
    What type of radios? UHF VHF or digital?
    The old line of sight always springs to mind… especially when a room of people can seem to effect transmission or drop out.
    There are so many variables in radio mic transmission scenarios.

    However I have had an AR08 go down right in the middle of a show with all 6 vocal mics sporadically.
    It turned out to be the digital comms board in the AR08. The AR08 has a very small fan that can scream. It always concerned me a little however since replacing the comms board it has been fine.
    Maybe get another cat 5 cable and either swap it out/? or put it right next to the existing cable and if you have that problem an immediate change over is instantaneous and then you would know. The AR08 resyncs instantly [on the QU that is. I dont have a GLD].
    Its concerning or unsettling to be able to really track the issue down so you know for definate you have solved the issue.

    Hope this helps?

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    These 9 systems are always turned on during a service. Generally only 4 are in use.

    2 – Shure SLX J3’s 572-596
    3 – Shure ULX J1’s 544-590
    4 – Sennheiser EW500’s 518-550

    We have a Shure antenna distro system with 2 half wavelength antennas that are about 25 feet from the receivers and no more than 75′ from the transmitters.

    The SLX and 2 of the 3 ULX systems are using countryman e6’s. The last is a hand held sm58 transmitter.

    Let me know if you need more information.

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