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    Our church recently bought a Qu-24 and the AR2412 to replace our old mixing board. I first put in the new Qu-24 and connected everything to the back just like we had with the old board. I am now working on getting the AR2412 up and running, was hard to get the network cable to the FOH. I have started to switch inputs to the AR2412 and have noticed that pre amp gain is changing. On one channel it went from 21 db to 28 db.

    Is this the same gain? Does the pre amp on the AR2412 have a different gain range the Qu? I know that when you switch to the AR2412 you get a Pad button. This makes me think that the AR2412 has a higher range than the Qu and to bring it down you need the Pad.

    I have searched and made many phone calls and can’t seem to find an answer to this question.

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    Haven’t ever looked at that but it wouldn’t surprise me since the AR does not have 1/4″ line in jacks like the console. So hence the pad which would likely change the gain structure. I will have to do a test on that or maybe AH can chime in and save me the time.

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    The Preamps in the AR are coming from the GLD and using a pad to provide a larger gain range. The Preamps in the Qu achieve a high gain range without a pad (not judging quality here!). From my knowledge same gain number should result in same amplification, not shure why the values change when switching between local and dSnake.

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    Are they just stored independently?

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