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    Hey there,

    The company I work for wants to buy 2 SQ6’s, but I want to know how to set it up as a FOH/MON split.
    Can you use 2x AR2412 linked together (using the expander port), connected to the FOH SQ6 (Slink).
    How would I connect the Monitor SQ6?

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    dont think you can with 2 AR2412, I think it would need to be the DX port, but im not sure how the do gain sharing…

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    Short answer is no. Two 2412’s can’t be used on the same d or s link. You can use a 2412 and AB168 together. But still you can’t break out to another console until the cards are available. Not sure when on that. I have not studied all there is to know on this since our sales on SQ just kind of getting going.

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    Alex A&H

    Hi Chips,

    Using two AR2412’s cascaded isn’t supported with any of the A&H products, this is because dSnake is a 40 channel protocol. The maximum that can be used on one SLink or dSnake port is one AR2412 with one AB168.

    To link this set up to another SQ will require an SLink option card which will give you another SLink port for the desk, this can be connected to the second SQ’s SLink port to route audio to. Using expander ports of an AR/AB or DX unit connected to an SQ’s SLink port is not supported.



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    Random idea: network tap that splits off the tx wires coming from the 2412 and wires them up to rx for the cable that gets plugged into the monitor console — drop the tx wires coming from the monitor console. A network switch with a port set to mirroring/monitoring mode could achieve the same effect instead of wiring custom ethernet cables. It probably is not something you’d want to use even if it does work (only the FOH would be able to control pre-amps), but the theory is that the monitor console would see the incoming packets of audio data from the 2412 and think that it is connected to the stagebox, when it is really just an observer.

    If anyone decides to try this, I’d love to hear the results.

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    Hi Ryan,

    Can’t keep this untried…

    Did some testing with an GLD80 and SQ5 and got it working over network for FOH and Mon setup.
    GLD is connected the normal way to the AR2412 and link to the AR84 for 32ch.
    The SQ5 is connected by the monitor output on the AR2412 with network cross cable to the Slink port.

    Have to setup the inputs in the SQ5 from 21-52 to have the right order.
    Config monitor output channels in GLD I/O menu.

    GLD is master for gain but SQ5 can do own gain too, All can be set pre in GLD except the gain.
    Monitors should connect on the backside of the SQ5 not true stageblock, else will have some conflict maybe.
    GLD should not use the output 1-8 on the AR2412.

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    Please don’t do such messy things no manufacturer allows. It will stop working unexpectedly and then the shit hits the fan. Buy an ACE card for the GLD or the SLink card for SQ5 and be done with it. Nobody will have mercy on you if your “solution” stops working.

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