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    We’ve had our Qu32 for about a year now, and we’ve finally gotten our AR2412, ME-U and ME-1’s. The question is how to handle the power sequencing?

    At this point we have a Furman PS-Pro II in at FOH and two more running the amps in the back room. Having just rewired the control signals to get rid of old wire runs, I know that all 3 sequencers run in parallel, which is something I’m prepared to change. Stage power comes from a panel in the amp room, but is fixed at this point (an ancient rotary sequencer having been bypassed in place… also on my list to clean up). We can either reroute the stage circuits to the existing sequencers in the rack, we can shuffle/acquire to place a sequencer at the stage back wall, or just put in a relay triggered by the main switch.

    However, which approach we use depends on what the proper sequence is for the AR2421/ME-U relative to the Qu32. What I want to avoid is a situation where the Qu32 routing gets reset to internal channels because the AR2412 isn’t ready in time. We have a range of operators in play, and that’s not something that can be allowed to happen.

    So, the options would seem to be:

    1) AR2412 on, Qu32 on, Qu32 off, AR2412 off
    2) Qu32 on, AR2412 on, AR2412 off, Qu32 off
    3) doesn’t matter, it’ll figure it out.

    I’m prepared to experiment as needed, but if somebody has a solid answer it’ll save me a bunch of time.


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    The Qu maintains its routing, independantly if it sees your dSnake box or not, you can also set inputs to dSnake without one actually connected. My boxes are powered along with the desk, never had an issue with that.

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    Sounds good, thanks! That gives us some flexibility in sequencing and how we actually reshuffle our stage power circuits.

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    qu handles stage box appearance smoothly. Fret not

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    Mike C

    For the older sequencing system you have Furman makes a plug in relay the will provide the contact closure to trigger the remote sequencer, you plug the relay into stage three of the sequencer to next sequencer in line. That will make the system act as one big six or nine stage sequencer system. You will need to adjust the time delays on the sequencers to allow for the each sequencer to complete it’s cycle before the next one.

    There are a couple of other ways you could do it as well, send me a message with a more detailed layout if you want.

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