anyway to assign softkeys 5 – 7 to mix outputs 5/6 7/8 9/10 ?

Forums Forums Qu Forums Qu general discussions anyway to assign softkeys 5 – 7 to mix outputs 5/6 7/8 9/10 ?

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    I have to Use QU32 as monitor mixer shortly with lots of large bands.
    Sure I have mix 1-4 and 5-10 giving me 7 mono sends plus top layer if I want
    Interestingly I notice the subgroups would have been great to use as extra sends (like the mix outs) however they only relate to the FOH top surface and you get one fader movement.

    I’m looking for simplicity
    Anyhow my first concern on this wonderful desk…
    How can I easily assign softkeys 5-7 to the main outputs 5/6 7/8 9/10 oh which I would just use in mono anyway.
    I tried using DCA soft patching but that’s not the answer I’m looking for

    Dave NZ

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    Not quite sure why the mix buttons don’t do what you what?

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    Thanks for the reply Bob.
    THe QU works perfectly as designed.
    mm yes I was a bit well… duh am I missing something here?
    AFter doing lots of larger shows with the old GL 40 channel desks you develop a system with you desk and racks of EQues.
    The QU nearly replaces that.
    The are what appear to be 11 or 12 buttons/outputs (talking mono here)
    The mix 1 through to 9/10 give 8 instant sends. mono!
    at any given point if you want to mute you have to select the layer and then press mute.
    Although you can assign & press mute 1-4.
    I don’t think there is a way of assigning the remainder to the siftkeys to repeat this process.
    Sure I can select the layer and then press mute.
    I’m looking for less clicks (as one would say in editing)
    I thought I may also be able to utilise sub groups “as output sends however these are relative to the top layer (FOH) which would be my 8th send or to keep things simple I would cal that “A” send to main vocalist.
    The groups ALL unfortunately motor/move once through to the top layer position.

    You know how it is.
    11 pm at night.. major chane-over of bands. musicians all looking at you requesting this and that 3db up as they have had they pre dinner drinks and are pumping rearing to hammer you monitors so the cones pop out.
    Gotta keep it all simple!

    thank you

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    Dick Rees

    Don’t want to click to another layer? Just use your iPad for the other layer…put it on a little stand next to the mixer and you’ve got a second full-time control surface to use.

    And on the 32 you should have 9 outs available to you if you’re not using the matrices for anything.

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    Ah, softkeys as output mutes…

    Not used them much, but page 53 on the manual suggests the possibility of using dcas, a butnof a waste.

    Extra options here (mute a given channel/mix) would be good

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    Also the mute button on the master strip will apply to the selected mix. And why use a stand for the iPad, it has a dedicated spot on the top left part of the mixer (Qu24 and 32)

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    OK Thanks for your replies guys.
    I need to go get a router of which type I’m not sure.

    I had thought about using a QU16 as a sidecar output as well to get “instant” PAFL and mutes of groups etc.
    I’m talking about using the desk as a dedicated monitor desk scenario

    I’ll look back here later

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    Dick Rees

    If you’re doing monitors, it makes zero sense not to have an iPad. You really, REALLY want to be able to stand beside the player while making adjustments on wedges.

    Go for an Airport Express. It works quite well and gives you AirPlay.

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    Thanks for all thoughts.
    I’ll check out page 53 shortly
    I thought I had exhausted all avenues with DCAs as mix output mutes but will go back and take another look.

    Also yes I need to get a router.. Probably airport express.(as this should just GO!?)
    Not sure if they have a 5 gigahertz frequency? however thanks


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    YES Softkeys will run mutes
    Assigned the soft-keys to DCAs’ and from there can mute and see whats muted instantly. Brilliant in this case scenario!
    Not really a waste within this context of using the desk as dedicated monitor desk for 4 day festival.

    Gosh it will be easy than this pic as attached from another festival!
    Cheers and thanks for all of your help

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    In the context of a monitor mixer then no it’s not a waste – and in fact is a very good way to cheat a few more mutes.

    I’d still think that being able to allocate a single channel/output mute to a softkey should be possible…

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    There are only 4 dedicated softkey mutes.
    2X rows of 5=10 softkeys in total
    I always assign the last softkey (bottom right) to “clear PAFL” so no matter where I am I can see PAFL is engaged.
    So I’m happy at this moment
    If I could squeeze another send out it would be good…
    The sub-groups only relate to the Top Layer or in my case i’m calling that level A
    So I have mix A which I’ll use for maybe Centre stage for main vox and then 1 through to 9/10 (mono) around the stage or for in ears.
    Just trying to keep to a formula that represents the GL days.
    The FOH mixer uses a x32 and we interface via analog split.

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