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    Dr. J

    Hi guys – I am a Smaart user going on 7 years now. There are many ways to use Smaart but on my last board – I used Smaart on my CUE bus. When it is operating on the CUE bus – I could hit SOLO on my board and it would bring that channel up (using the Spectrograph)…. It made is easy to see where an instrument frequency response is at on the spectrum. I am able to separate instruments throughout the spectrum this way.

    On my Qu-32 – I can hit PAFL and all I get is the meter reading which is what it is supposed to do.

    I am trying to find a way on the qu board to set it up as a CUE bus as well. Does anyone have any ideas how to do this?

    Can I do this through the Alt Out or AES outputs and then how would I configure the PAFL settings to act like a SOLO (non-destructive of course)


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    Dr. J

    Something else I noticed and it may work for me….. If I have headphones in the headphone jack on the console and I hit PAFL – that instrument will get loud in my ears. This is what I want when it hits the spectrograph because it will make that instrument very noticeable.

    Seems like this may be my only option on this board.

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    There are several ways to setup how PAFL operates on your Qu, just check out chapter 11.1 in The Manual.
    After setting up PAFL to operate the way you prefer, you’re free to assign the PAFL bus to the Alt Out sockets. Thats described in chapter 11.14 within the same manual.

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    Mark Oakley

    I usually run my PAFL bus AFL, so that when I solo a channel I hear the instrument at the same level it is in the mix. It help to give me an idea of how where it’s sitting relative to everything else. I’m also a SMAART user and haven’t tried running the reference off the PAFL bus yet, but it seems a good idea.


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    Dr. J

    Thanks guys… I finally found time to dig into this and it wasn’t hard to do at all.
    I mixed a lot this weekend and it worked like a champ.

    Here is what I did: in the SETUP menu of the console – I went to I/O Patch > SURFACE > ALT OUT > scroll all the way through the options to PAFL.

    From the Alt out I ran my cable into my interface that is hooked up to a computer with Smaart on it.

    In Smaart I just used the Spectrograph …. While using the PAFL option – I would select the channel and only the channel response showed up on the Spectrogragh. Just like a true SOLO mode BUT visual and non-destructive. I used it primarily on vocalists who have wide range of etiquette, proximity effect…. Plus bass / kick separation.

    I very quickly noticed areas like 250-265Hz AND the fundamental harmonics of those frequencies coming in….. Ex… 250hz, 500hz…etc… Often we cut one frequency when in reality there may be a harmonic of the biggest offender as well…. Like in pairs or even in threes.

    Making proper reductions in this area I was able to clean up areas that were strong….

    Haven’t check but this may be an option on the Qu-32 console already using the Spectrogragh. It is a little hard to see on the “Stereo” split screen.

    Seeing a snapshot of every instrument is valuable. Had a great time with it.

    Loving the Qu-32!

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    Thanks for that info DrJ.
    Glad youre enjoying the QU32.
    I think they’re magnificant!

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