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    For almost two years now I have successfully run a MixRack with a MacBook Pro and iPad at all my gigs. However, on occasion, usually rare, I miss having a console, something with “real” faders, etc. I have an opportunity to purchase a used surface that’s in excellent condition. I really don’t need it, but it might be nice to have.

    Has anyone on this forum started with the “virtual surface” route like me and decided to add a desk later. Any advice?



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    Nicola A&H

    Hi Alan,

    Just to say that there are also some options in between. Some are hooking up third party MIDI controllers with Editor. Others are happy with one or more PL-6 / PL-10 remote devices which you can connect to the iDR MixRack and configure in Editor. That’s the beauty of iLive.

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    Go for it. You won’t regret it.

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    Hello: I have an idr32/t112 set-up I bought the t112 mainly because visiting engineers did not want to mix on a laptop, It is alot easier for me to just mix on the laptop, Quite frankly, My t112 stays in the truck about 80% of the time, But it is there when I need it.

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    Heres some reasons I prefer a Surface:
    you can use TWO hands to mix! Some things are just not possible with a mouse especially dub style FX – like doing an eq sweep while controlling delay/return levels etc
    You can grab more than one fader with each hand!
    With sends on Rotaries you can control (and see) send levels and fader levels at the same time
    You have Local I/O
    Local headphone/monitoring control
    Some of the above aren’t necessarily a game changer depending on how/what you are mixing but for me there is a general speed advantage for many (not all) functions on a surface. I also feel a surface is a more reliable option. I actually prefer to have both connected most of the time as Editor is better at a number of functions – channel/scene naming, strip layouts, plus the ability to have independent control, a better mix overview, metering etc.

    I don’t think you will regret getting a surface but I am old school!

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    In December 2012 I mixed my IDR48 on my laptop for 3 weeks whilst my T112 was being repaired. Was I glad to get it back. I still use the laptop for additional mixes, stage set up etc. but the ability to use 8 fingers on faders and have eyes on the stage ensures I will never mix without a surface.

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