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    I have a QU16 with an AB168.

    The AB168 is acting up and here’s what A&H recommend:

    “There’s an intermittent issue with the AB168 units during bootup…the expanders will revert to a previous factory firmware version and the Qu is not recognized properly.

    R&D are currently writing a maintenance update for Qu firmware (as the Qu mixer will automatically update the AB168 firmware), but this will not be available most likely for a few more weeks.

    Other solution is to send us the AB168 unit, we will update the firmware manually.

    Or connect the AB168 to a GLD mixer with firmware V1.42 or higher, this will also update the firmware in the AB168.

    The firmware update will resolve the situation”.

    This is clearly a piss poor customer service solution from A&H, and does nothing to enhance the reputation of their hardware and software.

    In any event, if there is anyone out there who could help me out, it’d be much appreciated.



    I fail to see why this would be considered piss poor customer service? It seems they are working on a fix to a bug that has been discovered and have given you a couple solutions to get you going until the update is completed.

    My company has a few GLD consoles in inventory here in the greater Phoenix area and we could send one out to you for our standard daily rate with a technician to connect to the stage box to update the firmware for you if that helps you out.

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    Let me get this straight.

    You’d be ok buying a new car, and then discover that it periodically stalls on the freeway at the most inopportune time, and the best the manufacturer can do is to suggest you to spend YOUR time and YOUR money to find someone with another car made by them who’d be willing to hook the two of them together to resolve the problem?

    Or how about you send your 2 month old car back to the factory so we can fix it for you, and, oh, by the way, we won’t provide a loaner for you.

    Anyone who thinks that is an acceptable solution in this day and age is, at best, an A&H apologist.

    The AB168 was replaced with a new unit with the upgraded firmware after the retailer went to bat for me.

    Thus far, there are no issues, however, we’re going to have to do a few technically flawless gigs before the band has full confidence in the equipment.

    In the meantime, we have an analog board as a back up.

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