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    I would like to use an elektron analog heat with my QU24 on the master Track for internal recording. How would I do that?

    I know that there are no external inserts on the QU (why?). I am a happy dilettante with my digital desk and have probably routed most things wrong, but my idea ist to use a group out to the heat and then return to a stereo channel. I then would try to route all channels to this group and then to the master. would this work? Could anyone with master understanding describe how I would do that?

    Thanks for any suggestions


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    Mike C

    Your idea of routing all the channels you want to send to the heat to a group
    would work.
    You will need to……
    -make sure the group you route to is NOT assigned to the LR mains
    -make sure that all the channels routed to the group are NOT assigned to the LR mains.
    -on the stereo channel your send the heat back into do NOT assign that channel
    to the group that sends to the heat but do assign it to the LR mains.

    I would assign the group that you use the ALT OUT that will give you a handy
    input level control to the heat and the outputs are on 1/4 inch jacks.

    If you use any of the internal FX on the channels you could route the FX returns
    to the heat in the same way you do the input channels.

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    It could be slightly easier to route L&R out to the heat (from Alt Out is a good idea), return via a stereo input, and send that to a stereo mix, eg. 9&10 to record.
    You then should only need to ensure the the stereo input you use is not going to L&R to avoid feedback loops. Routing for everything else will be “normal”.

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    great, thanks, I’ll ty that!

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