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    Kia ora koutou, (Hi everybody)

    Hoping to find a way that selectively assigns a channel to an AMM based on another assignment, such as a group.

    It’s for a musical theatre show where the lead cast individually deliver lines between/over the ensemble.
    Ideally, I’d like the AMM assignment to change based on my group assignments so that anything going to my Lead/centre group runs through the AMM (engaged as determined) while inputs assigned to the ensemble remain unaffected.

    I’m running Theatremix for DCA, FX mutes, and group assigns (Centre/Lead & LR Ensemble), but the software (as far as I can see) has little control over AMM assignments.

    I’ve discovered I can recall one of two console scenes to automate a broad AMM engagement. Still, I would love to add another degree of granularity so choppy lead sections can benefit from the AMM, without the need to build and fire console cues too – which is not practical given my timeline.

    My two thoughts are to assign AMM via TheatreMix, or AMM follows group assignment (e.g. Lead).
    I’m yet to find evidence either of these options exists, but I suspect someone here will know something I don’t – or have another wise idea!

    Open to thoughts,


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