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    Hi all,

    In our church we have basic and admin users. I instructed the admin users to always
    end sessions with logging in to basic (no pwd) and recalling the scene I attributed
    to basic.
    However, sometimes they forgot and then the basic users are confronted with a login-
    screen they don’t see (!) and faders that don’t respond.

    A solution is, that I make an instruction for the basic users: if the faders don’t
    respond, you have to find the touchscreen 🙂 and press ‘basic’, and further instructions
    to recall the basic scene (if this scene was used by the admin before shutting off, it
    won’t recall, is my experience…)

    Preferably I don’t write troubleshooting instructions. It would cause big mayday panic
    and sleepless nights in advance.

    Is there any option to make an adjustment so the desk álways starts in logged in basic
    mode ánd reinitialized according scene regardless of the state it was in before
    shutting off?


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    See page 50 of the manual.

    Yo can set a scene that the basic user will always have loaded at login. You can also set the range of other scenes they can access (or none), and you can restrict them to the custom layer, which may also be useful.

    I don’t think there’s a way of getting around the need to select “Basic” and use a password though – other than to get the other users to leave it like that. Basic user password on mine is “Qu” which has so far proved easy enough to remember!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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