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    I’m somewhat confused by the naming resulting from the Alt View Socket ID settings.

    According to the manual the possibilities are:-

    Strip LCD display Socket ID codes (nn = number):

    S-nn = Physical socket
    P-nn = I/O Port
    FX-n = Rack FX
    USB = USB key playback
    NotAs = Not assigned, or SigGen assigned

    So far so good. But there is more to it.

    Firstly for input sockets, AR2412 sockets are indeed labeled S-1 etc.
    But local surface sockets are labeled L-41 etc.

    fine. That’s helpful

    But with output sockets, AR24 sockets are labelled S-1 etc
    But local surface output sockets are labeled S-21 etc. (not L as for input)

    Monitor port assignemts are labeled M-n

    and as far as I can tell

    “local” expander AR84 ports are labelled e-1 etc
    and dSnake (via AR2412) AR84 ports are labelled E-1 etc.

    but that may be becuase I have neither connected.

    The situation is further confused by the fact that it only shows the “first” assignment when there are multiple assignments, but I’m not sure how “first” is determined. It seems to be the first listed when you go to I/O, select a socket and look at the “Info” popup, and I assume that ording is the order in which you originally assigned them.

    Does anyone know what the definitive labeling conventions are?

    Its no big deal. It would just be nice to know.

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    Nicola A&H

    Thanks for spotting this Mike, we’ll update the list in the User Guide to reflect current firmware.

    S = dSNAKE main
    E = dSNAKE expander
    e = Local expander
    L = Local socket
    P = I/O port
    FX = Rack FX
    USB = USB
    SigGn = Sig generator
    Gp = Mono Group
    sGp = Stereo Group
    Au = Aux
    sAu = Stereo Aux
    L (R) = Main
    Mx = Mono Matrix
    sMx = Stereo Matrix

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    … and

    M = Monitor Port ?

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