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    Hello people,

    To start, i’m not a professional sound engineer or anything.
    I use my QU-16 in my hardware studio and for my own parties with a simple setup.

    Since recently i have a weird problem with using my ALT-outputs.
    When the alt-output knob is to 0, my left monitor keeps playing while the other is silent, no mather what I do.

    I’ve searched in the settings and switched cables 10 times but i can’t find anything wrong.
    I started with a clean slate by resetting the mix and stuf but nothing helps.

    Does anyone have any advise on this or a solution?
    Or is there simply a malfunction?

    Thanks alot in advance cause this is drivinig me mad 😉

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    Dancing Brook

    I feel like a broken record but:
    Maybe consider restoring defaults and if that doesn’t work, reinstalling the latest firmware?

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    Hopefully you have saved setting onto USB stick

    Do a cold boot or hard reset .

    I have had some weird issues with ALT out and not always fixed by a standard ‘reset’ however Hard reset always fixed the issue.
    And then reloaded USB data back in and its been fine.
    Hope this helps

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    Mike C

    What source do you have selected in the IO set up to send to the Alt Out?

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    Hard reset didn’t solve it.
    I/O patch Alt out is on LR and changing those settings doesn’t help either.

    Probably something broken then?

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    Dick Rees


    You have given no useful information to help us help you. Please try the following and report back:

    1. Check the right speaker to make sure it is working. You can do this by swapping the cables from L to R.

    2. Check your speakers by connecting them to the L/R mains out to see if the output is correct prior to assigning L/R to the Alt Out.

    3. Tell us what input(s) you are using and from what playback device. Using the channel metering frome the Home>Meters screen, verify that both the input channels and outputs show signal.

    4. Use headphones and the PAFL to listen to the incoming and outgoing signals.

    Now tell us what is happening with all the derails.

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    Hey, sorry for the verry late reaction. This is the setup i use:

    – Elektron Analog rytm (master) -> BD and BT go to 1 Analog Heat and to mixer -> Main outs go to a second Analog Heat and to the mixer
    – Elektron Machinedrum
    – Arturia Matrixbrute
    – Cyclone Bassbot 303

    I checked all the things you said and everything looks good

    Really don’t know what the problem is here, i’m thinking hardware damage?

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