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    (Note: i wrote similar to the SQ feature suggestions board, since with the SQ the same problem exists for me)
    It would be enough to have the patching available for the channels (input and output). No full featured patching screen is required for me.
    I will explain the reasons for this request. Ok, most of the users of a dLive system will have ideal conditions, everything is clear weeks before the show, the patch list is well maintained, a bunch of helpers are around and on the stage…. but unfortunately that’s not the reality of me.
    I am working often alone and also most of the time for different, previously unknown, bands which seldom have a correct rider sent before the day of the concert. Even if I know the band, it can happen that they have some extra instruments/musicians on that day. This means that I often have to define the list of input channels after the band comes to the venue. I am using a CDM and two DX168X. the CDM is on one side of the stage (the one where also the amp city is located) and the two DX as subsnakes placed on the stage. This helps me to reduce the usage of longer XLR cables. But before I know what instrument is used and where it would be placed on the stage I cannot do the patching on the console.
    At the moment I have to patch the instruments on the CDM and DX and note the patching on a piece of paper and then run to the console to change the patching. (paper notes are not my thing in 2018;-)
    To make the work even more complicated I have to patch all available input sockets before the patching of instruments to switch of the PP before patching something to the sockets because they “remember” the previous used PP and Gain settings. This I have to do because since now I did not found a setup page for the input sockets which probably are not patched to input channels.

    It also can be happen that the band comes with extra wishes to the monitoring and so I also have to reassign output sockes to aux mix busses and so o.

    These are the reasons why I want to have the possibility to change the patching on the remote app just to reduce the miles to walk and the time which I need to run back and forth between the stage and the console.
    (And yes I know that there will be some members here which will say “Use the director on a laptop”, that’s true but less flexible than an iPad for me)

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    This is added to loooong list of feature wishes for the app. But yet again… if A&H doesn’t even see the need for simple things like FX editing in the app… Even the freakin’ Yamaha LS9(!) can do this by app!

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