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    Hello, everyone. We’ve had our GLD for quite a while now and love the board! It’s perfect for our workflow. However, we’ve encountered some recent issues with it after a firmware update to 1.62. The problem we’ve encountered is, our stage box’s firmware updates every time we turn on the board. Every. Time. We have an AR2412 and an AB168 the board is connected to the AR2412 through the DSNAKE port and the AB168 is connected through the expander port on the AR2412. That may not really seem like a problem however, one of our problems is after the first stage box updates (AR2412) the AB168 isn’t seen by the board so then it shuts off. We have to wait for the AR2412 to update, then unplug, and replug the AB168 for it to firmware update, and THEN it is recognized. After all of this, sometimes the board throws a Q.O.S. error on the AR2412 and sometimes it doesn’t throw the error or it goes away. Our second issue is we have found that after the firmware update, the board seems to be sluggish in switching menus and sometimes freezes, errors out, and restarts giving the error “Unable to connect to DSP Board” (or something in that manner, I’m not with the board and cannot replicate this error at the time of the post) Our last issue is the shutdown process. After this firmware update, when clicking the “Power Down” button, the board errors out and then says “GLD not shut down correctly” or something along those lines, and we must click “Start GLD” and proceed to login, and then re-shutdown the board. I would just downgrade the firmware, but there are two issues with this solution, I read another forum that said any show files saved in a newer firmware version will not open again on the older firmware. This could not be true because it was a post about an iLive, but I worried about ours because 1) The iLive is very similar to the GLD, and 2) We are finally to the point that we are happy with our show file and it would be devastating if it were to disappear. The other issue with downgrading firmware is we were experiencing crashing issues with it and that is the reason why we upgraded the firmware in the first place. I’ve attached a couple of YouTube links to videos that I recorded last time I was near the board showing some of our issues I can easily replicate. They are a little long, but it truly shows EXACTLY the issue I’m having better than I can explain in words. Please be kind as I’m only posting as a last resort and while I’m not illiterate, I’m not nearly as experienced as some technicians on this forum.

    GLD Startup issues:

    GLD Shutdown issues:

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    Hello friend, I had the same problem, I only have the AR ones, not the AB ones, they gave me two pieces of advice: not to use pendrives with more than 8 GB in the USB port, they explained it to me, but it is too long to mention it. And the second thing It is to turn on the AR and the console, but do not connect them together until the surface is ready, since that time I have not had problems again, I hope it helps you, greetings

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