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    We have just received our AHM64.
    I noticed the following things spontaneously:

    – the delay times can only be changed in 1ms steps. This is surely sufficient for a normal delay between two loudspeaker lines, but for a real loudspeaker controller this is clearly too coarse. Sometimes you only need a few millimeters of delay.

    – The speaker processing only allows a high and a low pass in the middle bands. It would make sense to equip the outer bands with two filters each, because for example subwoofers also need a locut.
    Sure, I can set the Locut also in the EQ before the speaker processor, in addition I can put several EQ filters on top of each other to get a higher slope. But it’s less elegant, because I can’t choose the filter quality here.

    – If you log in to the program, you always have to re-enter the complete folder path during the Restore Config. Likewise when saving configurations. It would be nice if the program could remember the paths.

    – It would be nice if there would be a toggle command for IP6 to switch a delay on and off.

    Otherwise, there are really already a lot of great options here that we can really use. Thanks a lot for this! It seems like just the right product for our hall.

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    I would like to add a few points.

    – My statement that you can only set the delays in 1ms steps is only true for the specification in ms. If you switch to samples, you can fine tune the delay steps down to one sample, which is 0.01ms.
    So the machine can already do very fine steps, but the input via time in ms is too coarse, which is why you first have to convert to samples here. This is a bit awkward, but can certainly be changed very easily in an update.

    – I noticed that an IP1 can only call up 20 presets.
    That should be a bit more for our application. We have 18 presets for different states from the beginning. And when the events start again, we will get more presets for specific events. And that can then no longer be called up with the IP1.

    – I also noticed that calling up a preset does not change the speaker processing. This means that if I want to configure the AHM64 for different applications, I have to load different shows for different speakers. Unfortunately, this does not work via the presets.

    It would be nice if you could adjust these points. Thank you

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    One more comment:
    There is an internal power supply in the AHM64, but also a connection possibility for another, external power supply. Good idea!
    If one of the two power sources fails, a blue LED on the front of the device goes out.

    But since nobody can look at the front panel during operation, because the AHM-64 is located in a rack in the technical room, the problem is not noticed.

    It would be good to get a status message on a GPIO port for this. So if a power supply fails, there is a change on a GPIO port that can be used to control a lamp in the control room.

    We would find that very helpful.

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    Hey there, Wolfgang! Those are some great suggestions!
    In regards to the 20 presets available on IP1, have you thought about changing the access to the presets with a preset?
    As in, maybe after the first 10 or 15, change the state of the IP1. You can recall a specific function of a specific IP controller per preset. That can give you even more access.

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    Hello Samatha, Thank you for this idea.
    However, it will be the case that these presets will also be called up by staff members who rarely work with the system. That is, the colleagues who represent me when I am not there. I find it difficult to explain to them that they first have to call up another preset in order to get to the one they want. I would prefer to simply turn the knob until the desired preset appears.

    As an interim solution, I will now put the special show recalls on the custom control surface. I’ll make a separate page for that. Then they’ll have to switch on the iPad to get to the preset they want.
    The only problem is: when I’m on holiday – and once again no one has bothered to charge the iPad … 😉

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    After installing the new firmware, we observed that after a scene recall, the IP1 controller no longer shows the currently selected scene, but the next one in the list.
    This now led to irritated colleagues, and I was also not quite sure whether the correct preset was loaded.

    It would be good if this would work again as before.

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    Nicola A&H

    Hi Wolfgang,

    We’re looking into this. I can reproduce the problem here, and will hopefully fix for the next release.

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    Hello Nicola,
    Thank you for this feedback.

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