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    Quality AV

    Hi all,
    Does anyone know if there is a Dante paging microphone witch can call a preset with the talk-button?
    I was looking at the Audio-Technica ATND8677a who supposed to be enable to send some commands over Dante Network.
    I Called the fine folks at AT, but they say it is not possible.. (the combi AHM and AT.)
    Problem seems to be some “pins” on the Dante chip on the AHM are not “connected”, so the GPIO cannot be reached…
    I do’nt want to program an IP-1 for example, no I just want to push the TALK button, a preset (in this case a sound file with DING-DONG) will be recalled and after the dingdong the announcement can be made, afterward it would be nice to have another don-ding, but that is not necessary.
    What I now can do is make a physical button and let that call a preset via the GPIO port, and then the announcer has to push the second button to activate the microphone.
    With Priority settings I let all music “duck” with a slow release-time so, when stopped talking, the music comes back after… say 1-2 seconds…
    So anyone know a different solution I’m not thinking off right now?

    Thnx for reading!

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    Mike C

    I assume this application is for paging type announcements and the sound file “ding” is to get peoples attention that there is an announcement about to be made….like many dedicated paging systems do.

    What about using an dedicated paging type mic like the Shure 522, the push to talk bar unmutes the mic and provides a set of contact closure outputs. In the case of the 522 the contact closure is across the red and black pair on the cable.

    That said the Shure 522 has been discontinued but you can still find them or look at
    communication / paging style desk mics.

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    Quality AV

    Hi Mike,
    I want to use a DANTE enabled microphone.. Not a ” standard” wired microphone who has to be connected to a 48V+ capable dante converter (Mic to dante..).. That sayed.. i DO have a Dante gooseneck microphone, perhaps I can change the “talk” button for a multi-pin switch..

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