A&H Zed 12fx / USB return out sounds muddy and dist.

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    Hi Guys

    Trying to get sounds from the computer to the A&H mixer.

    Output sounds muddy and distorted from the ATL output or the rec out, but sounds fine in the phones outputs? Can somebody help me?



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    sort your language and the meanings… wich output?
    what is ATL?
    what are you trying to do exactly?

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    what computer
    what driver
    how is it connected port and cable type yada yada from pc
    how is it connected to the z12

    no idea what ATL is

    without any real clues I guess you have the dBFS up way too high on the PC
    you cant hear digital so dial the signal way back and make it loud after your d/a by cranking up the final amp

    but going to the z12 with analog you still do not want the signal too hot or it will sound bad

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    Mike C

    You say it sounds good in headphones, are the phones plugged into the ZED or the computer?

    Do you have the USB turned on on channel 11-12?
    Is it routed thru channel 11-12 or directly to the main LR out?
    Those switches are below the USB gain knob.

    How does it sound on the main outputs of the ZED?
    The Rec out on a ZED is an extension of the main outs.
    What mode do you have the ZED ALT out set to?

    With headphones plugged into the ZED and then you PFL the USB channle/ 11-12
    what does it sound like in the phones then?

    I have a ZED and it’s a very handy compact mixer.

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