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    Hello! I intend to purchase an Allen & Heath QU-24 and I have some doubts.
    First of all, I would like to clarify what I will use for live applications with coral microphones, acoustic instruments and audios recorded in Logic Pro.

    The actual instruments are: bass, guitar and acoustic guitar.

    My question: some instruments like: drums, pads and click covers are recorded and are played by Logic Pro – they are already recorded, they are only played. So, does A & H reproduce via audio the audio that is recorded in Logic simultaneously to the real instruments? Can these recorded instruments in Logic Pro be addressed to some QU-24 channels?
    Channel 1: bass (plugged in);
    Channel 2: guitar (plugged in);
    Channel 3: drums (USB – audio from Logic Pro);
    Channel 4: click (USB – audio from Logic Pro);
    Channel 5: acoustic guitar (plugged in)

    Remembering that the application is live, then all channels will exit the main L/R.

    Sorry for the mistakes. I’m using google translator.

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    Hello William,

    Qu mixers support playback from local inputs and/or from USB so I believe you should be able to:

    – Connect computer to Qu24 using USB-B cable
    – Setup logic options/preferences to connect to Qu24
    – Set channels 1, 2 and 5 to use local source (XLR input on rear of console)
    – Set channels 3 and 4 to use USB-B source (audio streaming from computer/logic)

    All channels will then output through LR mix.

    Can someone who has done this please confirm this is correct?


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    Thank you very much, Jake. I was afraid the QU-24 would not make channel-by-channel USB selection. For example, the Midas M32R – where selecting a channel to be used as USB implies the entire 8-slot USB slot, making it impossible to use for actual plugged instruments. Anyway, I’m grateful for the answer.

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    There is a Global setting for the USB source (Either the rear USB port or the QU-drive), but the channels can be set individually to either USB or Local source.

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