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    ****FIRST POST TO THE SITE!****(sort if its been asked already.)

    This is my model:

    Allen & Heath Qu-Pac Ultra-Compact Digital Mixer (AH-QU-PAC-32)

    I always ran the sound from my iPad nd never had any issues. Recently mu iPad updated to the new iOs and now this weekend, my iPad would not connect to the board but older models that have not been updated would connect.

    Does any one have any knowledge if there is a reason why this happened or anything to fix? Thank you!

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    No problems with mine at all. iPhone and iPad both working fine after the update with the same Qu-Pac. Good luck


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    updated to what?

    what are the others running?

    sure sounds like the update is NFG.
    if it aint broke dont fix it!!
    not always possible to go back to what was working after updates.
    I keep ALL my updates turned off on ALL my devices.

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    In your iPad settings, try turning WiFi off then back on. Make sure it connects to the WiFi your qu-pac is connected to.

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    the new iOS is using random MAC adresses for new connections and this could be a problem with some WiFi APs
    maybe that’s a problem for you but could be something totally different as well…

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    Updated to the iOS 14 version. This was a new tablet and I totally forgot to turn off the automatic updates. The other tablets are still running the 13.something and have not been updated to 14.

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    Mike C

    iOS gives you a very limited time to roll back an up date.

    On my iPads and computers I have all auto update functions turned off or at the
    very least set to notify of an update but require manually starting the update.

    Thanks for the heads up to a possible issue, I’ll keep my iPads at 13.3 for the time

    Does the mixers WIFI network show up on the WIFI list and can you connect
    to that network?
    Can you connect to other WIFI networks and get on line?
    Is you mixer WIFI network using a hidden SSID?
    If the mixers WIFI is showing up on the list maybe try forgetting/removing it from the list and do a reconnect.

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    I updated my iPhone first from 6.13 to 14 with no problems. I checked with Qu-You, Qu-Control and Mix Station. Once I verified those all worked I upgrade my iPad from the same version to the new iOS 14 and again verified those three as well as Qu-You to function as they did before the upgrade.

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