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    We’re a mid sized sound system/rental company, and we have smaller events which needs a compact digital console. We using a Soundcraft SI Expression 3 console on this events and sometimes for monitor console. In the last times became neccessary a new console from this category, and we’re voted for SQ7.

    I brought home our new toy for few days, and I experiencing about funcions, possibilities and I mixed an older multitrack live record on SQ7.

    The most common problem for me about SI Expression as monitor console was, which is only can send-on-fader options for send a channel to an aux. On SQ series this blue button on left halfly solved these problem, but I wanted to using these 8 soft rotaries for aux 1-8 send, because mostly 8 auxes enough to us, I really hope, when these function is implemented soon.

    So, soft rotaries. Currently this is almost totally unneccessary for me. I patched for these eight – gate depth/att/hold/rel and comp ratio/gain/att/rel, naturally for selected channel. In this moment arrived the face-touching-epic-fail-feeling, cause all the eight screen shows kik/snare/etc. Why? This is unrealistic, like patching a function to soft rotaries for a fixed channel, not the currently selected.

    The next problem to me also about rotaries. We have a Midas PRO 2 console, which have touch sensitive rotary encoders. So, when I put EQ or compressor, screen is switching. Next recognition was how rotaries sometimes have level showing display around this, like on Avid/Digidesign consoles, or like our predecessor, Soundcraft SI series. When I wants response about what I set currently, i have to put display. Every time, when do a soundcheck, which makes really slow the soundcheck:
    Kick, set the gain, switch on gate, adjust, oh, no, i have to put the display, adjust depth (20dB is a joke, I gating or not!), next, eq, start cutting lo-mid, then put screen after i realise i can’t what i do, adjust other frequencies. Finished. Snare, gaining, hpf on, this can be set without screen, but for EQ also need to push the screen. etc-etc.
    This is now thinks uncomfortable to me. I can when a touch-sensitive rotary is expensive, but when i start adjust screen can be automatically switch to this function. I can imagine how this function can be switched on/of with a soft button.

    Other idea about soft rotaries. Useful to fast setting up a reverb decay on vocals, a delay feedback also can be useful, because i only using one repeat, sometimes needs more. During adjusting these soft rotaries can be show the value.

    For me, on the 8 soft rotaries can be most useful in FOH situation:
    1. gate hold – “GTEhld” on screen, value during adjusting
    2. gate release – “GTErel” on screen, value during adjusting
    3. fx3 (rev) decay time – “FX3dcy” on screen, value during adjusting
    4. fx4 (del) feedback value – “FX4fbk” on screen, value during adjusting
    5. comp ratio – “CMPrat” on screen, value during adjusting
    6. comp gain – “CMPgai” on screen, value during adjusting
    7. comp attack – “CMPatt” on screen, value during adjusting
    8. comp release – “CMPrel” on screen, value during adjusting

    Next fact. I tested this tube stage, but I can’t decide is this can be useful or only a “redneck blinding” thing. With a mic and my spoken word this was only a distortion, nothing more for first. But the most valueable plugin can be to me is a 16T compressor.

    I trust to Allen & Heath how they are wants to make a significantly better mixer with users, this have a big bet, cause we are interesting about a dLive console.

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    I have an SQ-5 so I can’t comment on soft rotaries as I don’t have them, but regarding the console slowing your sound check down. . I have the same problem. I wrote A&H and got a response: “We will soon be implementing a ‘screen follows surface’ option on SQ which ‘jumps’ you to a processing screen when adjustments are made“

    So it sounds like you’ll get just want you want. I think this is a good solution for a full sound check, but I think mid-show if I just want to look at the EQ and not make an adjustment, I think holding VIEW and IN next to the EQ makes the most sense. Another user suggested having the soft keys become dedicated VIEW buttons. Sometimes you want to see the processing without making an adjustment and although I know you can do this on the touch screen, it just feels slower to me. The M32 has 11 view buttons, none of which require the use of the (non-touch) screen. I think this is an area in which a firmware update would go a long way for us.

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