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    Hey everyone,

    I have a digital reverb I want to use and I’m thinking perhaps, rather than outputting analog to it, I should keep the signal digital to the reverb (Bricasti m7) which can accept a digital input. No reason to go back to analog just to convert it again from analog to digital to analog and then back to digital once it’s in the SQ, right?

    There’s an AES output on the mixer. There’s AES input and output on the reverb unit. Is there a way to get AES back in to the SQ? At this point it looks like I have to come back in analog, because I don’t see an AES input, but wanted to see if anyone has an idea.


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    I think DX32 stagebox with M-DIN inputs module is the only way.

    But in case it’s just for one input…when you will see the price for this setup I think you’ll keep your actual way 😉

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    (Or just an sqDante card + Dante AVIO AES3 2×2 adapter)

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    I bought dante avio aes adapter and it seems I need PoE hub (switch….) aswell. Can anyone tell me about PoE (what power and voltage do I need….) . Don’t know anything about PoE and I am looking for some answers! Thank you verry much!

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    POE is specified with 36V to 56V and 350mA ~15,4W
    this is enough for the AVIO adapters
    so a standard PoE capable switch would be enough
    try to avoid EEE switches since these can have problems with Dante…

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    Plenty of little add-on boxes that provide POE. Called POE Injectors.

    Just one of many.


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