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    Probably a simple answer… Tried to adjust the main fader with both an iPad and tablet. Doesn’t adjust. Individual channel faders work fine and the Main mute works as well. Is there something on the board I need to set to allow the iPad or tablet to make this adjustment?

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    Mike C

    Are you using the Allen Heath QU Pad APP on the ipad.

    Are you logged in at the administrator level.

    What QU mixer do you have.

    When you say main fader I take it you mean the main LR
    master level.

    Do you have the main mix layer selected on the ipad.

    If you look at the board (unless you have a QU SB) do you see
    the main fader move when you control it with the APP, the board
    would need to be in the main mix layer mode.

    With the Allen Heath QU Pad app there is nothing special that
    needs set on the board to operate the main LR fade with the APP.

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    Hi Mike,

    Thanks for the note. I only have access to the system early Sunday mornings at church. I’ll answer your questions as best I can from memory.

    We have both the iPad Allen Heath app and the 3rd party on a Samsung tablet (Android).
    Not sure about admin level.
    QU 24
    Pretty sure it is the main mix and not monitors on both iPad and Tablet. Faders for individual channels all function the same as on the board. The only problem is with the main fader.
    I believe the main fader does move. However, when I let go it snaps back to the original position. The main mute can be toggled using both the iPad and Tablet.

    I’ll check both iPad and Tablet when I get back to the church Sunday morning.

    Thanks again,

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    Why are you changing the main fader at all?

    We also use a Qu at church although it is the 32 not 24.
    The MD will occasionally change faders on some mikes as do the volounteers at FOH.
    The biggest problem is speaker SPL level that varies a lot between who is live and also the range of loudness one speaker has.

    The settings on the top blue light layer are fixed and not changed. Nobody touches the superstrip to change things.
    All our changes are done with the lower yellow light layer and its sliders. Well, also the mix layers but not LR main out.

    Normally we do a sound check early as we set up for that Sunday and make sure the mixers are where he wants them that day.
    We may also need to set up the levels for PC replays of video/powerpoint and also CD replay.
    Those levels might get tweaked later by the operator or MD if necessary but that is rare.

    The one thing nobody has ever changed is the main LR fader. That feeds the power amp and the levels on the 4 channels are marked and never changed either.

    Adjusting what goes into the mix feeding the LR seems to work best for us.
    So , why would you want to change the LR level? What benefit is there that we might want to consider doing it too?

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    Mike C

    On the Android tablet you would have to be using the 3rd party Mix Station app for the QU. On your iPad you could have Mix Station and or the Allen Heath QuPad app.

    All of my remote iPad mixing is done with the Allen Heath QuPad app, I have no experience on the 3rd Party Mix Station version.

    The main fader snapping back to the original position is interesting to say the least!
    What do you mean by “original position” all the way down or just where it was before you moved it?

    When your moving the main fader and at snaps back or your moving it from the fader on the mixer or from the iPad.
    When you move it does the audio level change?

    Try it with the Android tablet turned off completely and only have open the Allen Heath QuPad app on the iPad. Clear all recently opened apps on the iPad by double tapping the home button, that will bring up all of the recently opened apps on the screen and you can swipe them away.

    Also try turning off the router connected to the QU or just disconnect the ethernet
    cable on the QU that’s plugged into the network jack and see how the mixer responds.

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