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    @KeithJ A&H

    I have inferred a vague idea of your architecture but could you perhaps fill in some details.
    After the A/D is everything software in FPGAs or are their also specialised hardware circuits for some functions?

    Not up on modern FPGAs as I am very olde, so can FPGAs now mix software and hardware functions on one chip or module?


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    KeithJ A&H

    @volounteer – Sorry that I wasn’t very clear, I was referring to ‘virtual’ architecture rather than different bits of hardware.
    All audio channel processing, routing and summing does indeed take place in the XCVI core, other hardware deals with ADC, DAC, digital I/O, SRC and all the bidirectional control of the core (surface, remote, screen, LED’s etc…).

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    @KeithJ A&H

    Thanks for that elaboration. It helps a lot.

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    just adding a thought; what if the (possible) extra matrix buses could be configured in the Bus Config section, and an extra matrix would simply cost a group or aux? Would there then be enough processing spots in the core without having to rebuild and test it all (or at least not as intensively)? I have had some cases where I would have been very happy with a few extra matrices and didn’t use all my group/auxes..

    cheers & thanks!


    one more for 6 matrix!! we need!! im freelancer technician, for example on the church, 1 matrix for PA, 1 for control the subs separete, 1 for tv, and radio?? another speakers? streaming?? broadcast??

    please!! i always want to control the PA, the subs, the frontfills separete, here i have 3 matrix!! and for all of them no more!!

    thank you!!

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    I’ll be honest – I’d go for just 1 more matrix! But, obviously, the more the better.

    I’m a developer by trade with a background in microelectronics, so I totally get that this isn’t a quick change… but it would make like much easier if it’s something the team would consider ploughing some time into.

    Either way – it’s still a fantastic product… life has come a long way from analogue days!

    Have a great day everyone!

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    Dirty Steve

    This is an essential feature request!

    I Find it odd that the desk isn’t equipped with 6 matrices as the one it seems it’s trying to compete with is.

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    You know that that competitor, if I think about the same as you do, comes with 6 mono matrices? If someone will run stere main, subs, delays, stream, tv, broadcast, …. in stereo you will for sure run quickly into the limitations their too. But maybe you think about a newer product which was released years after the SQ was designed.

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    Have to say I’m looking at buying a number of A&H products. And at the SQ price point there are many other desks with more matrixs.

    Which is making me looking at another brand.

    +1 for more.

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    This is definitely a feature I would appreciate as the only thing I really miss from my previous choice of console is the extra matrices.

    I would not mind sacrificing busses and choosing then as additional busses in the bus assign menu or even the stereo feature to function like inputs, where you can choose mono to stereo but your total number of channels goes down.

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    It was very important to introduce switch the matrix to Mono compatibility!

    as SamZ said, if the point comes to processing power, it wouldn’t be absolute logical to get 3 Stereo OR 6 Mono Matrix mixes. Should cost more or less the same processing power.

    (Wich is no really true, especially for DSPs when they are optimised for doing “stereo” multiplications. But I don’t know the behaviour of the FPGA-core.

    If this could be realised, that would make me also very very happy, couse my 3 Matrices on the desk are most of the time all used…
    And most of the time in Mono.

    So +1 for increasing the matrix count in Mono Mode!

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    some extra mono-matrix would be really welcome.

    SQs are great desks at any stage, but nowadays, with streamings etc we all are Matrix-hungry – 3 stereo mtx are not enough… in case i’d gladly swap with a stereo aux 🙂

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    Rob T

    Piling on with the request for more matrices, although I’ll note that one of my primary uses for matrices in a live environment is as “system processor outputs”, where everything gets the same Main L/R feed (perhaps summed to mono), but may have different gain, EQ, or delay. In this scenario, 3 matrices only allows for (as an example) main L/R, delays, and fills. If I need another output, it means I’m using groups and making sure that I assign everything properly.

    To this end, being able to reallocate groups as “pseudomatrices” that are linked to the Main L/R mix but have the same processing as the groups currently do, along with the ability to sum to mono and adjust gain, might take some of the pressure off of needing more true matrices. These “pseudomatrices” would need to be able to be routed to the real matrices, and to physical outputs, but wouldn’t need to be able to be routed elsewhere.

    And perhaps this scheme is easier to implement than more true matrices, as at first glance, it’s “just” a UI change – the required processing and routing functionality is already present.

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