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    Thinking about matrix on QU16 – is the issue relatively limited to this “extra processing for a second output” option?

    Would a suitable feature request be to select either L&R prefade or L&R as the source for one (or more) of the stereo mixes – probably disabling any other inputs, but using the relevant output processing (accepting that this will introduce a mS or so of additional delay in that feed if you use L&R, since the output processing will be done twice).

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    hmm, I’m wondering if it makes sense to pick the signal even before EQ. When using the EQ in LR mix for correction of one speakersystem/room and feed this into the matrix, the matrix EQ may need to countermeasure that EQ and possibly add EQ for another room…
    …or the ability to switch processing order in output section (Fader-EQ-Delay, for example), to obtain a post-fader but pre-EQ tap…
    just thinking loud, no idea if this makes sense in practice… 😉

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    I’m assuming that the main fader level will be relevant to both (as a delay tower), since any alternate room cam use the alt out and ignore delay…

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    After mixing “lots” of long narrow marquees at low volume rather than rock volume, I use the rear delayed speakers as monitors.
    So in that sense I want to hear an exact duplication of the main FOH speakers
    So I would be in favour of “direct Post Main Fader with the “proposed delay tab or switch”
    Of course the choice of either pre/post and EQ pre post would be good.

    I have always used the ALT OUT as my engineers wedge at the backs of long rooms where you can hear only ‘just hear’ the FOH however I tested in my studio here using the head phone output socket by turning off all the boxs in the control Tab and that would work ok.
    Of course this is only relating to the QU16

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    Thanks all….good points!
    The extra routing functions would surely affect the time alignment/delay compensation of the whole mixer.
    All these changes affect all.
    It will be VERY interesting if and when the new software brings some of these requests.

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    As we’re looking to add delay anyway, it hardly matters that an extra 1ms (1 foot) of delay might be introduced in the desk.

    The analogue loop is inaudible anyway (though I’m sure a few of them stacked together would be noticeable)…

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    Where delay compensation is important is when you sum different length signal paths.
    Example: LR mix to alt to st2 in to mix78 then on mix 78 you raise input fader5 vocal to give a little more
    vocal to the mix78 delayed mix now that vocal from st2 is a different length path from the direct fader 5 on the
    78mix. If routing in the box is implemented part of the delay compensation scheme would be to line up the similar signals.

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    The Latest:
    Assign the ALT output to be LR (POSTFADE) Now the MAIN LR Fader controls all Mix outputs.
    Patch ALT out to Stereo 2 Input.
    Raise Stereo 2 fader to zero in mix 3 (pull all input faders down off)
    Raise Stereo 2 fader to zero in mix 4 (pull all input faders down off)
    Raise Stereo 2 fader to zero in mix 78 (pull all input faders down off)
    Send -18 tone to LR
    Set ALT OUT Gain Knob for zero using Qu-Pad meters mix LR, 3,4, 78 to all be zero (-18)
    Set additional delays on 3 and 4 for Vestibule and Outside respectively.

    The Choir and Cantor and Guitarist rehearsed. I walked the house and tweaked a bit.
    All is cool now and I can begin setting “Scenes”! 🙂

    Maybe they can add these??
    Scenes and Softkeys are NOT on the Qu-Pad. Boo!
    The mixer’s Custom Layer is not on the Qu-Pad
    The Qu-Pad Custom layers are only 8 wide (16 is preferred)

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