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    Maybe an idea for the next software update

    Adding the HP filter function to the mono and stereo mixes, and maybe even have a lowpass filter, this way it wo0uld give the QU series its own built in crossovers for LR and other Mixes…

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    High and Low pass filter please, especially on mix out Groups.
    But no low pass filter on Mains FOH. 😐

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    HP + LP != Crossover

    (Not without very careful setup and slope choices)

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    Yes for sure and then that becomes an issue for some people.
    No I’m looking for or in the want of better filtering.
    I probably need a dLive but I’m sure the processors of the QU could handle this.
    I have found with the digital era I do very little FOH EQ tweaks these days.
    More so in groups
    We could go on for ever wanting in our wish-list ….
    Just buy a dLive! Na… I like the size of what I have!

    I thought there was a new update coming out?

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    Does dLive have HPF? If so, bummer. We’ve been asking for that for couple of years or more.

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    Yes, yes, yes!

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    Don’t get me wrong, an HPF on the outputs would be good – I’d sacrifice one of the peq bands for it (I.e have it as a ‘shape’ option…)

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Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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