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    Without losing a band of parametric EQ, i would suggest adding adjustable Low Pass Filter to input channels and output eq’s. Seems like this would be a relatively simple enhancement. If subgroups are ever added, add them there as well.

    Low pass filters are so very helpful on certain channels and even can be handy on outputs too. Not having them available means the closest workaround using of of the parametric bands as i cut shelving band but then lose a potential important/essential band of eq on certain channel(s) or outputs.

    Related to that, add option on both the HPF and LPF to adjust the slope between a few common slopes (like 12, 24, 36 db per octave). As many are probably aware, sometimes steeper or less steep HPF and LPF are called for so being able to select this would be very helpful. I’d mostly use the 24 and 12 selections but could see occasional use for 36 helpful to be available. For those that don’t have a need or don’t care, can just leave on the default slope.

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