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    Currently it is not possible to recording any channel processing into a DAW through USB. It apparently right now a fixed point after the preamp. I am not happy about this as the website and info make it seem to me that this is a good board for the studio. This is a good board for live (and live recording) and without the flexibility to record for instance drum eq on tracks going into your DAW you have to not only do it for monitor tracking on the Q-16 but as well then after the fact in your DAW. This does not make sense to me, from a users perspective and buyers and users should know this as well. To me this board should not be advertised as an option for the studio in it’s current state.

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    Has this changed with firmware updates?

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    Yes, although i really can’t understand the application for this.

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    Could be useful if you wanted to “print to tape” your eq and comp settings to the tracks in the DAW. I’m wondering if firmware update now supports constant USB streaming even if the preamp is set to source from USB.

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    Ahh some one else is on the similar thought pattern.
    There is a need for this! ABSOLUTELY
    Hopefully I have read and understood your thoughts on this?
    This is called “destructive recording”.
    Where-by you record “post everything”
    OR… in other words you are recording the processed track via USB-B? (streaming)?
    If this is what you are talking about you can do this!
    I have just spent a week transferring 100 songs via USB-B this way. 10 at a time.
    I talked about this scenario here…
    It is a long winded forum and because some of you here are thinking the same (hopefully) I would rather continue this topic in here.
    My biggest crunch is I had to switch between Custom layer (which I set to midi to control channel volumes in my mac [or PC] and back to lower layer!

    There must be a way of doing this?
    I’m sure I did this about 2 firmware versions ago. About 6 months ago.
    But I could be wrong?

    let me know your thoughts.

    dave NZ

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    Manual section 8.14 – can you not choose a later point for global USB streaming?

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    Hi Bob
    mmm ok.. well I have just finished that job and I streamed USB-B all week.
    I would have to get out the QU32 to see the settings.[I returned the post DAW (Reaper PAFL)sound back into channels 31/32 just to make sure]
    I have a QU16 set up in my studio. Its getting late here now with grand kids and stuff.
    I will look tomorrow
    I do know I did this job ‘post compressor’ as I needed to pick up that to save an awful lot of time later.
    My only crunch was I had to switch between layers to adjust levels going into the DAW and in this case I was using MAC book pro.
    I do the same type of recording with my GSR [which of course has the ability to do anything]…

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