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    I have a T112 console and want to know if it’s possible to get M-ACE converted/talking to DSnake I/O stage boxes, like the AR2412. Is this possible?

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    Mark Oakley

    What are you hoping to achieve? If you had a pair of ACE cards (or any network cards) you could put one in your iLive IDR rack and one in a GLD board. Either the iLive or GLD could be Mains or Monitors, and one set of preamps could feed both boards processing.

    If you’re thinking of hooking up your T112 directly to an AR2412, it can’t be done. ACE and DSnake are different protocols, and the iLive needs the processing in the IDR rack to function. The iLives aren’t so much sound boards as IDR control surfaces-just one of many possibilities (tablet, computer, iPhone, PL-remote, 3rd party MIDI controller, etc.).


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    The thought of having 2x AR2412 running from a GLD had crossed my mind, more so lately.
    Especially since I already own multiples of AR2412s’
    So Mark are you saying there isnt enough horsepower to drive 2 X AR2412s in the GLD surface? EVen running 2x Cat 5 to them indepenadantly from the surface?


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    Mark Oakley

    Hi Dave:

    The original question was about using an iLive T112 with an AR2412. I’ve never used a GLD, but from my understanding the GLD series can receive up to 40 inputs (1-AR2412, 2 AR84’s) from remote stage boxes. I would assume you could use 2 2412’s as the source, but I’m a little out of my depth with the GLD line. If you have these units, try hooking them up to see if it works.


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    We would like to use
    v1 ā€“ GLD 112 + AB168 + AB168 + AB168 (48 inputs, 24 outputs on stage) ā€“ which fits the best our need
    v2 ā€“ GLD 112 + AR2412 + AR2412 (48 inputs, 24 outputs on stage)

    Please let me know if this config will work.

    Here is the answer from Nic.


    The possible configurations are explained in the GLD Chrome User Guide.
    The main dSNAKE device can be an AR2412 or AB168.
    The daisy chained dSNAKE device can be an AB168 or an AR84 (not a second AR2412).
    The local Expander can only be an AR84.

    So the short answer is no, the configurations you are suggesting will not work Iā€™m afraid.

    Best regards,

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    Dave are you asking this as an addition to your iLive system? The t112 is just a controller. The iLive engine is in the rack unit. My guess is a firm no that the ar series only works with GLD and QU.

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