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    I’ve assigned channels to outputs other than the Master L/R

    But I don’t know how to access these channels or route anything from Ableton other than the main mix.
    I thought maybe the mixer only allows the local ins to be assigned to the different outputs but that wouldn’t explain why multiple outputs appear in ableton in the Asio section. (image attached)
    Can you confirm that I should be able to access multiple outs from Ableton?

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    QU has 32 ins and 32 outs available on USB connection

    there must be something wrong with your Ableton
    maybe you should ask this in the Ableton community

    or you should rephrase your question if I get your problem wrong…

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    Hi Steffan, thanks for the response.

    This might be of use to Ableton users:

    I hav made progress. I guess my use of the desk becomes a little bit more sophisticated over time. I realise now my issue is understanding the ‘state’ of the machine and where I have to compromise.

    I have to choose between usb or local whereas I want to use both at the same time. (I thought when I switch from one to another I would only be switching control not actually choosing.)

    The point being: from an Ableton DAW perspective multiple DAW outputs are actually counted towards the number of inputs available on the Desk.

    I think looking at this in terms of connections and virtual connections being the limitation was incorrect when actually processing power make more sense.

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